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Real-time Interactivity

Interactive Television Broadcast

InteraCta provides an additional domain for broadcasters and advertisers to interact with the audience/market; hence we offer unique value generation capabilities.

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On-Spot Selling

Real-time Buying and Selling

InteraCta allows real-time Television Ad identification, which can then be followed by providing the End-User (Television Viewer ) with an incentivized offer to buy the product.

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Television Rating

Revolutionizing Television Rating

InteraCta provides a very effective and reliable way of rating Television Shows and advertisements.

People Behind InteraCta

We are a team of 6 members. Hailing from the most prestigious universities in Pakistan, LUMS, NUST and COMSATS, we have pitched in a combined R&D of over 5 years.

Muhammad Maaz Kamal
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Muhammad Maaz Kamal

Co-Founder/ CEO

Been doing extensive R&D at LUMS on this product for over a year now. Has considerable experience in Digital Signal & Communication processing.

Jazib Babar
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Jazib Babar

Co-Founder/ CTO

Software Engineering Graduate from NUST.
A passionate programmer and an expert in Mobile technologies.

Muhammad Ali Ahsan
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Muhammad Ali Ahsan

Co-Founder/ CTO

B.S Electrical engineering, LUMS. Expert in Digital Signal Processing with research experience
as a research associate at LUMS.

Waqas Aqeel
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Waqas Aqeel

Co-Founder/ CFO

BSC Economics, LUMS. Waqas has an extensive experience in the field of Business and Product Development.

  • Undoubtedly one of the most promising startups to graduate out of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. I firmly believe that with meticulous execution and hard work InteraCta can disrupt multiple markets.


Will the app be free to download?

Yes, the app would be completely free to download. All you need is a smartphone, hence its completely free of cost for the End-User (T.V viewers)

I want to make my content interactive. How does it happen?

If you are T.V broadcaster and/or Media Ad agency and are interested in making your content interactive, don’t hesitate to contact. We would be rewarding our initial Clients (T.V broadcasters/ Media Ad agencies) by launching a free trial-run for a complete month.

How big is you support team?

We are a team of 6 members. We intend to expand our team soon. Should you feel that you can contribute to InteraCta in any way, please feel free to contact.

What is the best way to Contact?

Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

A Closer Look!

A single click allows the app to synchronize with the Television Show; that would initiate a real-time interactive portal on the user’s smartphone.